Death Trappers are people who hate YouTube Rangers and all other Mario 64 machinamists.


  • The Creator (By Schm2000, nemisis of either Starman3, Schm2000, Musthasto, MarioSuperSoda, or LuigiFan54321).
  • SuperEmiga (Was once leader, but died.)
  • EmigasFist (Was one Co-Leader, but when Emiga died, he became Leader.)
  • Clawdeender (Was once General, but when Emiga died, he became Co-Leader.)
  • Simon's Shadow (General)
  • iJosh63 (General)
  • Martian King (General)
  • Dreth (Was once Co-Leader, but turned good.)
  • Elec (Was once General, but turned good.)
  • EmigaDylan
  • MarioMario77777
  • Crystal King
  • Luke
  • AdosRemusOiram (Created, but escaped)
  • X (Betrayed)
  • UltimateZario1
  • Shadowarrior454 (Spied)

Relations to MusthastoEdit

So far, only 2 Death Trappers and Simon's Shadow have attacked Musthasto, but he finished off one Death Trapper. The other one knocked him out.

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