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LuigiLuigi573 is a soon-to-be Super Mario 64 machinimist.

He stopped paying attention to Emiga on 4/2/13 and is currently a neutral in the Emiga War.

Channels/Videos He Is In

Name of YouTuber                    Name of Movie or Series   

Mario and the Tattslotto

Super Mario 64 Bloopers

Dark Mario's Brother: Revenge

The Golden Star

StarLuigi9080 ZtarLuigi8070 and the Shadow Warriors
The2Hunters The-2Hunters and the Negative Team IV: Lunar's Final Revenge
Musthasto The Return of EmigasFist

Super Mario 64 Bloopers


Super Mario 64 Bloopers

SpeedyMario7 Super Mario 64 Bloopers
videogameguy101 Super Mario: Blackout (has not appeared yet)
AndrewJr2014 The Universal Crystals
yayazura7762 Super Mario 64 Bloopers
SuperMarioFan590 Super Mario: Clone Attack!

The adventure of DylanDylan54321 (currently in the making)

Dylan Dylan

MarioSuperSoda The Crystal Star


Clan                    Ranking   
Kiddy Stoppers Leader
Super Mario Rangers Co-Leader (aka Administrator)
YouTube Rangers Member
The Wingers 64 Member


Mr. LL

Mr. LL

Brainwashed - Mr. LL, AKA The Lime Bolt

Ultra Form - LuigiMario9357

Super Form - LuigiLuigi9000+

Poke-form - SpiritombSpiritomb573


Best Friends

  • StarLuigi9080

Great Friends

  • AndrewJr2014 (MaskedMachinimist)
  • Umario
  • DylanDylan54321
  • MarioFan14
  • Kiddo-the-dragon
  • iJosh64
  • MarioGame2222
  • SuperLuigi7900

Good Friends

  • KerryShenSA
  • MarioMario66666
  • FightingMario54321
  • LuigiSlayer666666
  • SpeedyMario7
  • MarioFan77777
  • SuperMarioHax74



Anyone who opposes his likes