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Musthasto Picture

Musthasto is a great machimist and founder of Emiga Haters Ranger. He is a good guy and not a MM fan noob.

He makes SM64 Videos and he like made series. His worst enemy is SuperEmiga . If SuperEmiga and Musthasto meet on one chat room, they will fighting each other. He is making a series called "The Return of EmigasFist".

Likes: Yayazura7762LuigiFan383Supers250KerryShenSA, FireMario887, LuigiLuigi573SuperMarioBros99thxMarioSuperSoda and many more.

Dislikes: SuperEmigaEmigasFist, Starman3  and everyone who is on their side!

One time did Emiga Gang hack Musthasto's account, but he made a new account called Musthast0

, but his new account got hacked too, but he can still reupload his videos.


What a Badass


  • On March, 10 2013, Musthasto been hacked by SuperEmiga then he remove his series and kept his pointless videos. Now SuperEmiga want ruined his channel,and then,he entered his new and worst form, finally named Musthasto's Emiga Form!!!! (which is very very worsened form of Musthasto!).and the worst SuperEmiga was change the password of Musthasto 's old Musthasto moved his channel to "musthast0"