NEX and GBX (116)

NEX and GBX's Color Codes

NEX and GBX (Sometimes called The X Bros., or X-X) is a Nuteral Youtuber, but is acting 2 people. This can be challanging,but it's not that hard

Role in Musthasto's videosEdit

NEX and GBX have not appeared in any of Musthasto's videos.

Role in NEX and GBX': The Dark WorldEdit

They are the Main Characters/Creators, so they have pretty big roles in the Plot



Bowser's Emerald Palace


GBX is not discovering anything in Part 1, as that is NEX in Bowser's Emerald Palace, and GBX will explore in Part 2

Rivals,Best Friends & EnemiesEdit

NEX and GBX Don't have enimies, but Rivals

These are




>Any kind of dopple

>Bowser and his alternate forms


Best Friends:

>EugenTheBoy(In Youtube "Eugen TheBoy")

Each other

(Pending list)

Other than that they are friends with everyone

Other Forms & Color CodesEdit


8107EC20 B700

8107EC22 0000

8107EC24 B700

8107EC26 0000

8107EC28 B700

8107EC2A 0000

8107EC2C B700

8107EC2E 0000

8107EC38 6F5E

8107EC3A 2800

8107EC3C 6F5E

8107EC3E 2800

8107EC40 6F5E

8107EC42 2800

8107EC44 6F5E

8107EC46 2800

8107EC50 D399

8107EC52 2C00

8107EC54 D399

8107EC56 2C00

8107EC58 D399

8107EC5A 2C00

8107EC5C D399

8107EC5E 2C00

8107EC68 390E

8107EC6A 0700

8107EC6C 390E

8107EC6E 0700

8107EC70 390E

8107EC72 0700

8107EC74 390E

8107EC76 0700

8107EC80 D18F

8107EC82 2E00

8107EC84 D18F

8107EC86 2E00

8107EC88 D18F

8107EC8A 2E00

8107EC8C D18F

8107EC8E 2E00

8107EC98 AE57

8107EC9A 0000

8107EC9C AE57

8107EC9E 0000

8107ECA0 AE57

8107ECA2 0000

8107ECA4 AE57

8107ECA6 0000


8107EC40 0000

8107EC42 0000

8107EC38 0000

8107EC3A 0000

8107EC70 0000

8107EC72 0000

8107EC68 0000

8107EC6A 0000

8107ECA0 0000

8107ECA2 0000

8107EC98 0000

8107EC9A 0000

8107EC80 6464

8107EC82 6400

8107EC88 6464

8107EC8A 6400

8107EC20 6464

8107EC22 6400

8107EC28 6464

8107EC2A 6400

8107EC50 6464

8107EC52 6400

8107EC58 6464

8107EC5A 6400

(Color codes pasted Directly from site)

Super NEX

(no color code...yet)

Super GBX

(no color code...yet)

Every other form, including Hyper, Ice, Fire, etc

(no color code...yet)