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Schm2000 is a fan of MM54321! He has appeared in Into fourth Dimension in Part 18 trying to get a D-Star, but can't because the Wing Cap blocks weren't turned on. He appeared again in Part 19 finally able to get the 96th D-Star because the Wing Cap Blocks were finally turned on.

He made War of YouTube and Rise of YouTube.

Hates: SuperEmiga, EmigasFist, and their clan.

Likes: MM54321, Starman3, and everyone else on their side.

Rise of YouTubeEdit

In schm's series (Rise of YouTube), musthasto and LuigiLuigi573 are members of the cast.

Musthasto was first at the end of Ep. 9 as ??? as one of the 3 people Zythian chose to help Schm return the Mushroom Kingdom. He later appears in Ep. 10 where he first punches Simon's Shadow while going up in the air. He later protects Cooolboy78 from the first Death Trapper and reveals himself as Musthasto. He then finishes off the first Death Trapper, but the second Death Trappers knocks him out later. He alters appears reawakened by Schm2000, Mario, Fawn, and LucarioKiddo. He decides to help Starman3 defeat the Crystal King along with Mario. While getting there, he runs into and fights Death Trappers 9 and 10. He is knocked out by Death Trapper 10 and brought back to the Big, Tiny Island Room. He is healed by Shadowarrior454 who turned out to be Death Trapper 9. He later appears preparing to face off EmigasFist and the entire other major Death Trappers with Starman3, Mario, Shadowarrior454, Brynn1100, and DragonBallZKai5 and turns out outnumbered. LuigiLuigi573 then knocks out EmigaDylan and MarioMario77777 and joins them. Musthasto duels EmigasFist the entire time while LuigiLuigi573 punches iJosh63 away, duels Clawdeender, and finishes off EmigasFist.