Starman3 is MarioMario54321's best friend. He is the leader of the YouTube Rangers. But He become hated by peoples because his behavour.


Members of the YouTube Rangers

Super Mario 64 machinimists

Sierra (Even Sierra Doesn't Like Him)


Anyone against MarioMario54321

Death Trappers

Musthasto (He Hates Musthasto with no Reason)

MarioMario66666 (Hated from no Reason just like Musthasto)


He Hates Musthasto, cause he think Musthasto bully him. but Not!

He is 23 but he act like 6 years old

Now half of YTR Hates him, cause he act like a manchild

He can't make machinima forever, he needs get a job and find a wife. but not a 13 years old girl like sierra.

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