Super Stars

The 10 Super Stars

The Super Stars are objects in Musthasto's videos Musthasto uses them to turn into his 10 forms.

List of StarsEdit

Fire StarEdit

Color: Red

Power: Walk on Lava

Location: Lethal Lava Land

Sand StarEdit

Color: Orange

Power: Walk on Quick Sand

Location: Shifting Sand Land

Lightning StarEdit

Color: Yellow

Power: Run Super Fast

Location:  Big Boo's Haunt

Nature StarEdit

Color: Green

Power: Walk up Hills

Location: Tiny-Huge Island

Ice StarEdit

Color: Light Blue

Power: Walk on Water

Location: Jolly Roger Bay

Water StarEdit

Color: Dark Blue

Power: Swim Faster

Location: Isle Delfino

Toxic StarEdit

Color: Purple

Power: Poison enemies by touching them

Location: Hazy Maze Cave

Wind StarEdit

Color: Pink

Power: Always have a Wing Cap

Location: Snowman's Land

Metal StarEdit

Color: Black

Power: Walk Underwater

Location: Emiga Land

Ghost StarEdit

Color: White

Power: Walk Through Walls

Location: Star Heaven

Musthasto's Greatest PowerEdit

And when Musthasto uses all 10 Super Stars at once he with turn into Mega Musthasto.