The return Of Emigasfist

The Return of EmigasFist is Musthasto's first movie.

Episode DescriptionsEdit

Here's a simple explanation of the Episodes in The Return of EmigasFist....

Part 1Edit

In part 1, basically nothing happens, other than EmigasFist capturing TommyHH and FireMario887. Oh and Musthasto wades through waist deep water that TheCrashBandicoot12 peed in after he couldn't find the toilet.

Part 2Edit

Everyone talks about what happened in Part 1

Part 3Edit

Yayazura7762 and his team leave Anti-Emiga Land to fight EmigasFist.

Part 4Edit

Yayazura7762 battles his doppleganger and lost.

Newcomers in this Episode:

  • LuigiLuigi573
  • FastDasher(SM64)
  • Edav1123
  • LuigiGame3

Part 5Edit

Currently not on YouTube.

People who will appear as newcomers:

  • MarioWario747
  • MarioSuperSoda

Possible outcomesEdit

LuigiLuigi573's wanted outcome: Mahri2677 gets killed on accident and Emiga clones some YouTubers. The leader of the clones, LuigiLuigi583 (who is the leader because he suggested that to Emiga after he made it back alive from god-knows-what, in short he is the first of the clones that aid Emiga) faces off against LuigiLuigi573. Musthasto will stop using dopples as well.

LuigiGame3's wanted outcome: His doppleganger, EmagIgiul3, fights Starman3 and MarioMario54321, and Starman gets captured by EI3 and taken to Emiga Land.

MSS's wanted outcome: Mahri2677 revealled that he is really a evil clone not a dopple. SuperEmiga brainwashed TommyHH64 and FireMario887 into Mr. HH64 and Mr. Fire. LuigiLuigi583 and some others clones join Emiga Gang. SpeedyMario7 fights EmigasFist and wins but then MarioMario77777 and EmigaDyaln knock SM7 out. LGame3's screen is used but with a different villian.

About This SeriesEdit

Unfortunately, when musthasto uploads the videos to this series, he gets hacked shortly after and all his videos get deleted. Musthasto repeatedly uploads these, only for him to get hacked.

He has not reuploaded the full series yet.