My clan has our own youtube now. It's called KSmachinimas.

Anyone wants to join, here are the requirements for joining:

  • You need to make at least one Super Mario 64 video for the clan within a year.
  • You need a YouTube.
  • You can't be on Emiga's side in the Emiga War (so you need to be either a neutral or an Emiga Hater)

Here's how you become a lieutenant (which are people in KS who stop vandalism):

  • You need a wiki account
  • You need to know who we are named after
  • You can't act immature to other clan members (*points finger at AndrewJr2011*)

Here are the current members:

  • LuigiFan383
  • AndrewJr2011

The Current Lieutenants:

  • Mariofan14
  • iJosh64
  • Kiddo-the-dragon
  • schm2000
  • presstartoplay


  • Umario
  • DylanDylan54321


  • LuigiLuigi573

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