Yayazura7762's colour code!

Yayazura7762 is a SM64 Machinimist from Malaysia who likes Mario and Super Smash Bros. series. He was make his SM64 bloopers and playing SSBB and SSF2 (Smash Bros. Fanmade). He also was founder of his wiki, Yayazura7762 Wiki.

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The list of his bloopersEdit

Jump to the top castle - January, 21 2013

Trapped in the haunted house - January, 25 2013

50 subcribes special!! - January, 27 2013

Meet my dopple! - February, 5 2013

5 ways to EmigasFist died - February, 8 2013

Trapped in desert - February, 22 2013

150 subcribes special a.k.a randomness 1 - February, 27 2013

Irham7762 speaking his first languages! - March, 7 2013

Do the Harlem Shake! - March, 11 2013

200 subscribes special a.k.a randomness 2 - March, 15 2013


The Return of Mahri2677 - TBA



  • 'Trapped in desert', one of his bloopers, was originally going to be named 'Lost in desert'.
  • His color code is similar to EmigasFist but slightly different from his color code because his has white gloves, and brown shoes.
  • His real username was actually Irham7762. He uses that username in his videos.
  • He was first Malaysia SM64 Machinimist since he joins SM64 Machinima at January, 7 2013.